Carbon Green BioEnergy Underwrites STEM Education for Lakewood District Schools

In June 2015, Carbon Green contributed $5,000 toward creating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculum in the Lakewood School district. School administrators envision a technology class at West Elementary as the foundational program, with a middle school course to follow.

“We consistently support local programs that benefit young people. We’re excited about this particular program because curriculum emphasizing innovative science and technology corresponds with the skill sets Carbon Green employees use every day,” says Maggie Benham, who presented the check on behalf of Carbon Green. “We hope this program will help kids develop a long-term interest in STEM topics.”

One new program at the elementary school will be Lego® robotics, which will encourage students to operate in teams while building a project through trial and error. Students will then report on their designs, describing what tactics worked or failed. School administrator Cindy Trebian believes hands-on STEM experiences will be extremely beneficial to students.

Cargill Kitchen Solutions also donated $5,000 to this endeavor and along with Carbon Green, pledged a three-year commitment to STEM initiatives for local K-12 students.

In Michigan, the emphasis on STEM education aims to foster a culture of cross-disciplinary, project-based, applied learning in which all school subjects connect and relate to real-world activities.