Considerations for Corn Fields With Late Season Frost Damage
The early morning of June 25th brought unusually cold temperatures to many areas of North Central South Dakota. The low temperatures resulted in damage to corn fields across the region. In many cases ...
Western Bean Cutworms and Asiatic Garden Beetles are Emerging in Field Crops
Western bean cutworm Western bean cutworm moths are flying in southern and central counties. Numbers will pick up over the next few weeks, with peak flight (the target for corn scouting) expected fro...
Assessing Water Damage to Emerged Soybeans
Heavy rain in areas has created waterlogged and ponded areas in many soybean fields. The excess soil water is detrimental to soybeans for several reasons and affected producers need to know how to ass...
Unusual Soybean Coloration Sheds a Light on Gene Silencing
Today’s soybeans are typically golden yellow, with a tiny blackish mark where they attach to the pod. In a field of millions of beans, nearly all of them will have this look. Occasionally, howe...
Monitor Field Margins For Grasshopper Populations
With drought conditions occurring throughout much of South Dakota, it is important to begin monitoring field margins for grasshopper defoliation. Grasshopper populations are usually observed in grassy...