Reducing Soybean Harvest Losses in 2017
Average soybean harvest losses range from one to two bushels per acre under normal conditions. However, harvest losses can increase significantly when harvesting tall, lodged plants or short, drought-...
Herbicide Rotation Ineffective Against Resistance in Waterhemp
Farmers have been battling herbicide-resistant weeds for generations. A common practice for most of that time has been to rotate between different herbicides every season. But despite farmers’ b...
Now is the Time to Scout for Palmer Amaranth
Now is the time of year to be looking for palmer. Palmer amaranth is in the pigweed family and has a lot of close relatives that can be confused with it. Common waterhemp is the one that is most co...
Soybean Rust Develops ‘Rolling’ Epidemics as Spores Travel North
Although Midwestern soybean growers have yet to experience the brunt of soybean rust, growers in the southern United States are very familiar with the disease. Every year, the fungus slowly moves nort...
Check Labels for Pre-harvest Intervals
The pre-harvest interval (PHI) on a pesticide label is a time period following a pesticide application when a crop must stay in the application site and cannot be removed from there. Brokers, co-ops a...