Fall Noxious Weed Control
This fall most areas are good for fall weed control, but there will also be some areas that it may not be the best. Fall weed control can give the best weed control but it also can be a poor time. ...
Issues as Harvest Approaches
It is looking like at least some harvest surprises may be positive after an up-and-down 2017 season in Illinois. The September 1 yield predictions released by the USDA this week are for Illinois corn ...
Grassland Management Do’s and Don’ts
This is the first in a series of iGrow articles that will be dedicated to the issues and questions we receive related to establishing, re-establishing, and maintaining grass-based plantings for grazin...
Reducing Spread of Herbicide-resistant Weed Seed During Harvest and Tillage Operations
Herbicide-resistant weeds such as Palmer amaranth, waterhemp and horseweed (marestail) are spreading, increasing weed control costs and yield losses in soybeans. Because of this, producers need to tak...
Online Tool to Help Farmers Make Precision Decisions
An innovative online tool developed by a Purdue University engineering professor will allow farmers to process data collected from their fields without requiring them to share it with third-party comp...