What Makes Farmers Try New Practices?
Change is never easy. But when it comes to adopting new agricultural practices, some farmers are easier to convince than others. A group of researchers at the University of Illinois wanted to know ...
Cleaning Up Damaged Trees After a Windstorm
Wednesday’s (March 8, 2017) windstorm caused widespread damage to trees across Michigan. The storm was unusual in several respects. Unlike our typical spring or summer storms, which move in and ...
Proper Laundering for Insecticide-Contaminated Clothing
Individuals working with insecticides must take important steps to prevent exposure to themselves and others. This includes reading the label, wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE), exerc...
Repairing Harvest Ruts This Spring
I’ve seen more fields with harvest ruts this year than I usually do. There were several weather-related factors that contributed to this situation. The wet spring led to planting delays, delayin...
Rhubarb’s Mysteries Revealed
As the season warms up, many gardeners begin looking forward to their first rhubarb harvests. Although it was first cultivated in central Asia more than 2,000 years ago for its medicinal properties, r...