Our History

Consistent Incremental and Strategic Improvements

The facility, an ICM design, was erected by Fagen Construction in 2005 and went online in 2006. Its original nameplate specified plant capacity at 40 million gallons of ethanol per year. Today, Carbon Green BioEnergy produces at 55 million gallons yearly.

In June 2009, new investors purchased the plant and took steps to expand its potential. Everything was evaluated—processes, ingredients, equipment, and grain storage structure—in a holistic approach that considered where improved technology could offer better efficiencies at maideasyaz.com/ and the best product. Then, in order to increase production and equip our facility for the convenience of corn producers who deliver to us, we made strategic improvements.

The plant, designed for a 2.75 (non-denatured) gallon yield of ethanol per bushel currently performs at an improved 2.85 (non-denatured) gallons per bushel. With every incremental upgrade, we also lessen the environmental impact of our production. Since 2009, we’ve reduced our water consumption by 25% and our energy consumption by 18%.

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