Carbon Green BioEnergy LLC creates and markets ethanol and two co-products—DDGS (dried distillers grains with solubles) and corn oil.

Our Production, By the Numbers


daily ethanol output


grain receiving capacity


our daily grind rate for corn
All corn we grind in a year comes from 500 farms within a 50-mile radius

Annual output of ethanol production

(including co-products)

million gallons

of ethanol

million pounds

of corn oil



million gallons

direct retail supply of E85

Corn-storage capacity

in 100,000 bushels

2.25 million bushels On-Site
1.797 million bushels Off-site

Nothing Wasted: Our Co-Products Impact Other Local Industries

DDGS (dried distillers grains and solubles): Used as a cost effective and highly palatable feed ingredient by the strong livestock industry in our state. Corn Oil: Most of what we produce is trucked to nearby livestock operations for feed.

How We Calibrate Our Impact



is the value of Michigan corn used by our plant every year.

ethanol produced in our plant delivered to Michigan stations and terminals.


produce ethanol at our plant. Michigan renewable fuels industry supports 22,000 jobs.


amount of imported foreign oil we displace annually.—We Give E85 Its Own Identity in Michigan

In 2013, we created the Yellow Hose brand to promote awareness for this product, which is produced using Michigan corn. Some consumers drive Flex Fuel E85 vehicles without understanding the value to the state’s agricultural economy or without knowing where to find the fuel they’d prefer. Making access points highly visible addresses both problems. A fueling station with a Yellow Hose assures the customer of Flex Fuel E85 from our Lake Odessa production facility and the over 500 local farms that supply our corn. We established a network of 34 stations (and growing) throughout our state. Consumers encounter a welcome surprise at the pump. We work directly with retailers to offer the most competitively priced fuel in the market.

Find a pump near you.

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