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United Cooperative

With a goal of providing its member-patrons the best possible value, United Cooperative became a shareholder in Carbon Green BioEnergy LLC in 2009. This Wisconsin-based farmer-owned co-op is mindful of its leadership role in offering a full range of services to farmers, including championing resources for the creation of corn-based clean energy. You can learn more at www.unitedcooperative.com.

Yellow Hose

Carbon Green BioEnergy LLC created a brand identity for flex-fuel products. Now consumers throughout Michigan can identify their local sources by spotting the Yellow Hose at nearby fuel stations.

To locate flex fuel outlets along your Michigan route visit www.YellowHose.com.

Michigan Corn Growers

Michigan Corn Growers Association offers better financial opportunities to its members through projects that develop markets and educate consumers and policy makers. Through its research funding, the grassroots organization also promotes value-added products such as ethanol that creates enhanced marketing choices for Michigan corn producers.

Learn what matters to local corn producers at www.micorn.org.

CHS Inc.

CHS Inc., a global Fortune 100 company, supplies ethanol products through its Cenex® brand. As the world’s largest cooperative-owned refiner and the operator of a retail energy network that ranks among the 20 largest in the U.S., Cenex is a significant wholesaler and retailer of renewable fuels. Across the nation, 625,000 farmers who understand the value of ethanol own 1,100 cooperatives.

Investigate the CHS Inc. commitment to ethanol at www.chsinc.com.

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