Who We Are

You’re the Reason We Work to Do Everything Better

Continuous incremental improvement, that’s the idea that guides us. It’s not enough to produce ethanol and offer a price advantage to Michigan corn producers who sell us their corn. We want to do everything better—always conscious of our obligation to the corn producer, to the consumer, and to the environment.

Moreover, this is the first biofuels production facility in the United States to create its own ethanol brand. We made it our goal to extend the advantages of higher ethanol blends, making it easy to locate access points throughout the state. At the same time we began alerting drivers to their full range of fuel choices. As a result of our education campaign, consumers throughout Michigan are learning to connect Yellow Hose® with renewable fuel.

Why Did We Install an On-site Fueling Station?

We gave local residents the chance to sample the full range of blends made possible by our ethanol production, blends they couldn’t access locally. Many see the advantages, and our on-site fueling station near Lake Odessa typically dispenses 1,000 gallons a day. Ultimately, we wanted to supply the market with a cost-competitive choice, showing local retailers how to add consumer choice and improve utilization and increase use of a locally-produced product. 

Around-the-clock fueling at the Carbon Green BioEnergy fueling station allows patrons to choose E15, E30, E50, or E85. We eliminated E10 because all vehicles year 2001 and newer can run on E15. Consumers who use the fueling station are:

  • Showing their support for local corn producers.
  • Making better use of their flex-fuel vehicles.
  • Scoring points for energy independence.
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